hello Rob here, if it's one thing I like creating is family memories. my nephews have been wanted to go out fishing with me and I normally fish Wolf Lake the Illinois side. So finally I got some time off work so I was able to take them with my older sister. let me tell you this once I dropped that Pike and was bouncing around the boat and my sister screaming her sons had lasting memories LOL we were fishing the middle pond. Thats normally the one I fish because I like that boat launch better. the North Pond I usually fished from shore. Anyway everybody was having a bad time fishing and this they. Even the fourth reserve volunteers told me it was a very slow day. I am so glad each one of my nephews caught a fish of this they now they're hooked can't wait to go on next time.

Thanks for watching and enjoying my family fun.


If the information helped

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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped