here's a video of me treating my lawn. I use Scotts turf builder +2 twice a year on my lawn. But during the season little weeds still do tend to come up. This is why I use a spot treatment on those weeds. This year I'm using Spectracide weed killer for lawns. I leave it on my front porch and every day when I come home from work all it takes is like 5 min. to walk through my lawn and spray a couple of weeds that are there. in this video I also explained why you should aerate your own lawn. I do believe it really does help maintaining a strong healthy lawn. All I use is my drill and a long half inch drill bit. I do little sections by sections every day as soon as I come home from work. It took me about four days and maybe 5 to 10 min. per day to finish my whole front lawn. Believe it or not I love the way the lawn is growing and I'll probably do that maybe every other week. Well I hope this helps you or give you some insight on your own lawn.

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If the information helped