okay i dont know if this is a duplicate video or not. I'm trying to clean out all the videos I have my laptop and I came across this one so I don't know if I uploaded or are not and have too much videos on YouTube to scroll through all of. This is a video of my tilapia hobby when it started like and what it grew to. I have always had a dream of raising tilapia and eating my tilapia and selling my tilapia and being a big distributor of tilapia. But my dreams of making money through youtube and AdSense overcame my dreams of selling tilapia... Tilapia when I started were pretty much easy to acquire by mail as long as you had money also i was lucky there was a guy in Glenview were Glen Ellen that actually sold tilapia out of his house so I went to purchase some from there also. I've always had fish and fish filters in my house so I had an abundance of equipment to start with here. But you really don't need anything you can make a filter of the 2 L pop bottle with the air pump and that'll keep your fish alive . It grew so i had to buy some bigger pumps to pump the water so that I had more fish in and a more water turned over to keep the fish alive. Although what I Big water tote in the back right now it is running constantly it only costs 15 W and has a great biological filter that keeps the water crystal clear. I did not sell any of my tilapia yet. But I do plan on slimming down the summer of 2015 which of the summer. Thank you very much for watching please give it a subscribe subscription or subscribe to my site and my youtube channel.

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