subscribe subscribe subscribe. This is a video I made of mounting a 12 inch trailer tire onto the rim. I did one before but I try to show how to do it with out tire machines without using tire machines to do this. The first one I mounted with no problem. All I used was prybar and mounted the tire on the rim. But this one right here whooped my butt something fierce. I actually wound up giving up and put it on my tire machine to mount this damn tire. What I found out after all this fighting and struggling was this was a 990 pound load tire. The other one I mounted by hand was a 780 load tire. This 12 inch tire has a way thicker sidewalls therefore I could not mounted by hand hence all the Benny Hill theme songs playing as i tried putting in their LOL I always say I'm a jack of all trades master of none. This was one of the master of none videos...

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