okay people here is my review of the little giant plastic 26 foot extension ladder. As a A-frame ladder I did really like this little giant ladder. But as an extension ladder it was very bulky, cumbersome , and awkward. I looked all over the Internet to watch somebody opened a 26 foot extension ladder up. And I really did not find any. And the commercials they show the lady opening up a ladder but it's not the 26 foot one. The hinge they have that turns it from A-frame ladder into extension ladder even though it is sturdy and I don't fill it will break. It does give you play in the ladder when you're standing on top of it it springs back and forth more than what a regular extension ladder would. The base of it seemed the more sturdy than the average extension ladder is a came out like the Y. But the Y at the top was a little bit cumbersome trying to walk around it to get off of the latter.

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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped