I shot a video of taking apart a Husky 1800 PSI power washer. by garbage picked this power washer. After I connected the hose I noticed there was a leak. The hose connector head of bad o ring in it. So I straightened out that o ring and reconnected the water. There was still a very badly so I had to take all the husky power washer plastic housing. Then I reconnected the water hose and put it on again. That's when I noticed the manifold for the water was cracked. This is a husky 1800 power washer. They sell for about $189 at the big box stores. So I'm on the fence if and when to spend $39 to put in a new manifold. And I do have to buy the hose because whoever threw it away with the some of the so-and-so and did nothing to hose away with it LOL. anyways I did find the problem the problem was that cracked manifold I did try to JB welded and is leaked. So I'm putting this project to site for a while to figure out what I want to do with it. I may just hold the power washer part the pressure part and sell that to somebody separately.

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If the information helped