so I went to the Hammond Marina on a windy day bad choice. I went there because I love to fish and I like to take my boat out. So I went to find some information on fishing off of the pier at the Hammond Marina but also launching your boat from the Hammond Marina. I went in April of 2016 to check out the fees and the rates. I know this is very very very windy and hard to hear and I apologize for that. But there is little tidbits that you can hear for information. The Hammond Marina is a very beautiful Marina. To launch their it is $20 a day. Or you could buy a yearly launch passed for $200 for the year. I am from Illinois so I would have to pay to park and fished there I believe it's $10 a day but it's like $50 for the year now and don't hold me to that I am putting this video months later and trying to remember what I learned LOL. I guess what I learned is i should put all the information on the video right when I find them out, either way the smallest boat dock up to 30 or 35 feet is $2225 per year to park your boat there.

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If the information helped

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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped