Back in the saddle again :O}

Back in the saddle again, whew does this feel good. If you know me you know I love to talk. But I haven't been writing or blogging in a while. I as many get caught up in the hustle and bustle if everyday life even though this is relaxing this does not get anyone closer to their dreams and goals in life.

I have wrote my 1st book and told myself that currently I plan on writing 5 books. Well the money that has been coming in from my sources of income have been good getting by money it has not been the money that can give me the lifestyle of my dreams. Therefor I have been content with doing nothing above and beyond.

SO to day i have done just what Jay z's song said and "dusted my shoulders off" I got up early and finished my 2nd book. Its not out yet but its written. It still has to be edited and I have to design the cover. But at some point in the near future it will be out.


We all have to realize if we do nothing other than what we currently are doing now nothing will change in our future. We are creating our future today with our daily actions.

Be it you wanna lose weight, go to school, find another job or whatever. If you don't take any action you are going to get exactly what earned towards what you desire.


I know it may seem hard but figure if you take 10 minutes a day to walk, pick up the phone to call a school, search the internet for your next dream job something may actually come out of it. I know we or you just may not have any time. I don't know what your going through right? Well I know what your going threw is not going to ever change if you don't make the time. How bout that for a answer. I know tough luv right.


SO today I took some action and i'm challenging you to take some action. One step towards something for YOU! Go ahead you deserve it.


Our lives will not change unless we take the actions to change it!





1 month into 2012 have you started on your Ebook?

So where into 2012have you started that e-book that you were thinking about writing? I myself has just finished approving my audio book. I turned my book into audio book to create another platform for possible income (<Reach Down Grab Your pair And Start Living) this will be something else you could do after you commit to writing your e-book.


I know beforehand when people wrote books they wanted to be "published authors" and when I first started that's one thing I was interested in also, but now have an e-book out there is actually doing better than my paperback book. With the creation of e-book readers and the closing of brick and mortar stores there has become a higher demand for e-books.


The one thing that being a published author has I believe is a publicist attached to the signing of the contract. But along with that you're given a part of your income, slowing you down because your costs will have to be higher than the not published author.


Please if you like the information I'm getting out there support me and download a copy of my e-book  

Reach Down Grab Your Pair And Start Living this is the longest process in getting your e-book out there. Without a publicist you have to market your book via the Internet, Facebook, twitter, friends and family and any other way you can be creative and come up with a marketing plan. You may have the best e-book in the world but if nobody knows about it or where to get it you won't sell any copies.


One other thing is when you get your book out there you're going to want to sell it at a brick-and-mortar store price. You have to realize that this is your first book nobody knows about you as author yet or what type of writing you have done so you have to consider this when pricing your book. I was a victim of this in the beginning I swore my book

Reach Down Grab Your pair And Start Living was going to be the greatest book out there and I still do feel that is there is great information in it but it was the first book author Trev2323 wrote and nobody yet has read anything else about Trev2323 nor was there any publicists involved. I put it out there and what a brick and mortar store would've sold for. Because paperbacks cost more money to print then e-books it was originally listed for $15. Then I found the market of e-books and this is where I want to be.


Well folks my time is running short right now so let me get running and what I'm challenging you to do right now is take that first step in writing your book if you have any questions feel free to e-mail me or message me and remember even if you finish writing your e-book today it'll still take about three months to get out there for sale.





So you wanna write E books

So you want to write e-books? If I may ask what is bringing you to want to write a book? Are your hours getting cut at your job? I.e. looking for a new career path in life? Or is it just something that you've always wanted to do? Well I can help you with the answer to any of these questions but you have to bring the desire to do it.


Writing the book is a little bit harder than you think especially if you have a job, children, a spouse or anything else that is absorbing your time and life. Not only do you have to come up with a time line that you want your book to come out, you have to find the time to squeeze in some serious writing. And I do mean serious, to get e-books sold you have to create quality e-books. You also have to create the right formatting for a book (we'll get into that in future blogs). It is completely possible as long as you have enough desire to get you through this.


I myself did not know how to type, had no time to sit down and write a book but I did find. My first book (

Reach Down Grab Your Pair And Start Living

)was only 114 pages which came out to about 35,000 words, and I would recommend no less than 35,000 words for  a book. one other thing you have to think about is self-publishing e-books are not instantly up on all the websites as soon as you upload your files and pay the company selling them. I felt published my first book in October and here we are in January and is just reached Kobo and Copia so that was three months time for my e-book to reach these platforms. was one of the 1st one that accepted it.

Now by far i'm not a instant one hit wonder, even though I have a paperback out there and a e book people do not know the book is out there as a self publisher. We have to market our own books to get them out there. One valuable thing to do is to have a great description  of your book written so people can read this and decide if they want to buy. Another good way to make more money with e-books is write A LOT more E books. I'm not saying throw a bunch of crap together and just get it out there, I'm saying the more books that you do right and the more E book stores that it is listed in will bring you a better chance of selling more books and making more money.


One more thing I can say if you're seriously looking at selling e-books you can start by looking up,, and many more that will host your e-book and send it to the other platforms for you. These companies will also give you the formatting needed for your e-book. IMPORTANT!!!!! E book formatting is completely different from just typing a word doc or writing a regular document. Do your homework and find out what format you need.


Thanks for your time,


Sincerely Yours,





we're 10 days in to 2012, have you started on your goals?

okay people here we go again, have you decided on what you want to accomplish for 2012? Have you committed to yourself that you will accomplish your goals? And most importantly have you taken any steps towards your goals for 2012?


Well were 10 days in to 2012, that's 10 days of your life,240 hours or 14,400 minutes that have passed that you cannot get back. What is a good take for you to get off your ass and start moving towards the life you really desire to live.


I know that 40 hour week 9 to 5 daily grind is not where you want to be a life. But if you aren't doing anything to change it that's were you be 10 years 15 years 20 years and some of you even 30 years down the road from now saying I wish I would've done this, I wish I would've done that or I wish I would've done anything except spend the rest of my life working for corporate America.


Not only an a business sense or work sense but how about your relationship sense? Every gotten your ass out there to talk to more people? Have you been happy enjoying the life that you're living? Close your eyes and imagine the life that you would want to live. What does it consist of? REALLY WHAT DOES IT REALLY CONSIST OF? Mines til this date has been work hard and party harder... HA HA HA At my age its getting kinda harder to do.... But instead of giving up the PARTY HARD PART I wanna give up the WORK HARD PART!!! SO I have Started yet another Book and planning more parties...



My 1 minute book review for the OWN book reviews

This is my 1 min. book review for Opras website. It's pretty damn hard to sum up a book in 1 min. As you see I didn't make it it took me 1 min. and 37 seconds I think.

As you see I'm back more motivated than ever and I want you to be able to keep up with me in 2012. It only took me eight days into the new year to get off my ass but that's better than six months.

So who's with me? Who's ready to conquer world? Comment on here let me know what you're up to, let me know what your goals are that keep this synergy going and meet up soon. Watch the video I ho
pe you enjoy it and this is really me.

my new t shirt i added


LONG STORY READ IT THROUGH TO GET THE POINT: So a American business man went on vacation in a small beach front village in Spain, In the morning while having his coffee he sees a village fisherman head out for about a hour and right back in with a decent catch, he questions the fisher man how he caught so much in such a little time. The fisherman says he has been fishing out here since he was a boy and knows where the catch is. The American business man says well why didnt you stay out there to catch more? He says I get enough to feed my family and a little to sell to the local business. the American ask well what do you do with the rest of your day? He states, make my kids breakfast, takes them to school, relaxes with his wife on the beach, get his kids from school helps them with their homework, and then enjoys the evenings in the villages town center drinking wine with his wife and friends. The American says well if you would stay out there longer you can catch more, start a business and sell more fish, then you can buy a bigger boat and expand your business and make more money. The Fisher man says then what? The American business man says, well you can buy more boats hire employees, and the fisherman says where will he put these boats, and the business man said well of course he will have to move to a city and live there and with a fleet of boats he can be rich. the fisher man says how long will this take? The business man says well about 10 to 15 years. BUT then you can retire and move to a coastal village and make your kids breakfast, take them to school, relax with your wife on the beach, get your kids from school helps them with their homework, and then enjoy the evenings in the villages town center drinking wine with his wife and friends. WHERE EVER YOU ARE IN LIFE JUST BE HAPPY AND SEIZE THE DAY.

DO we really know how to commit to a dream?

Do we really know how to commit to a dream? It seems so hard, we say we want  $1 million dollars  yet don't do anything for it. What like buy a lottery ticket? and that's our surefire way to make $1 million dollars??

My book has only been  for about 2 to 3 weeks now, sometimes i get a little frustrated trying  to market myself seeing that I'm self publisher, but I'm not going to give up I'm sure and positive that I will sell 100,000 books.

One of the ways that I would try to get my website known is doing spoof videos on YouTube and then linking that to my website.

I have started reading up on meta-tags, one of my friends creates  websites and a lot of his sites are in the top 10 so he told me to research meta-tags and that's how people use the search engines apparently thats how  your website is pulled up. This is like a foreign language to me but its a foreign language that I do want to learn because I'm not going to  give up on my website because that is going to be the key to selling my books.

Thanks to all the guys that already signed up that want more information for the Costa Rica vacation I knew there were a lot of you perverts out there ha ha ha just kidding. It is a really good time out there and if you want to even go zip lining learn how to surf going to the rain forest or to  party with a plethora of beautiful ladies.

Getting back to the commitment is just like it diet sometimes we like get on our kick to  lose weight but after our first hunger pain were headed to Wendy's for a double cheese combo. Yes that is can a personal with me. LOL

So if you're one of the guys reading my post but not commenting go ahead and comment, this blog is supposed to get a bunch of guys together that  want  more life that that have the desire that want to change your life to get out meet people party with people how are you to do that if you're just sitting home looking at a computer screen.

You're supposed to be reaching down grabbing your pair and starting to live, let's start now. Commit to buying my book if you haven't already, commit to reading the first chapter and taking some damn action.

On a daily basis I have been on the Internet and hang out business cards in attempts to self market my own book if you're reading my blog here do me a favor and copy  and paste my website. or send the link to people you may  know that you may want to take to  Costa  Rica with us let them know about my book the more people we have the better  before all.

Sorry for being on this rant but stand up shoulders back chest out this is the mood I'm in today kick ass and take names gentlemen.



Stay Positive in a negative world

Don't QUIT

don't quit, don't you dare quit! Sometimes it's easy to say it's not the work, I failed again, or I've tried it is just not working. But I can assure you it's just not working yet. Keep at it and keep on keeping on.


There so many people in the world that are where we want to be and probably are less qualified than us. But they had the perseverance to fulfill their destiny.


I gave somebody a business card today and directed her to my website I felt good but bad when she said "what are you still doing working here you're so talented in many other things" you know I was like well I'm still trying which I am. Some people say I'm a dreamer but I say I'm achiever.


My book is out "Reach Down Grab Your Pair And Start Living" and I'm still on my quest to market the book. You know writing the book was actually the easy part. Turns out marketing it without a publicist is a son of a bitch. But I'm a keeping on keeping on.


If you had a negative experience today how to Jay Z say it? brush your shoulders off. Get rid of that negativity and don't let anybody still your dream. Stand up right now, put your head back, put a big as shit eating grin on your face take a couple deep breaths and conquered the rest of this day.





what would you do for $1 million

okay people I'm back to the couple days of my blog to start getting the  man cave ready for the Halloween party. you know I'm debating on doing my YouTube videos to try and go viral. I just know it works really good if you go viral. I got a couple skits in mind and at least get a couple thousand hits from them.


So what will it take for you to be willing to do for that million dollars? Have you ever thought of it? desired it? or just dream't about it? It is totally achievable for me and you. But if we don't try we wont  achieve it.



going viral, im doing this  post today about going viral because I have saw on TV a program called caught on camera I did a special about people who did videos that went viral. So today I spent most of the day working on my YouTube videos. 


I got some videos up about jokes of the day and videos up for my car repairs. I went ahead and tag them all and direct them all back to my website.


6 to 8 weeks is a long time to wait for the distribution of my book. So try to keep busy and keep working towards working towards my goal of selling 100,000 copies.


I am still dream building on we're going to put the seminar for May 2012 together. I know I have to work towards it on a daily basis because this is one of my big dreams. I want to have a huge pool party at the Hotel California in Quepos Costa Rica.


So come on guys, Buy my book and help keep the dream alive lets keep on keeping on and build something together.



Forging Onward

forging onward, today was a muther! I'm working on my audio book, and yet all files prepared to upload but one file for some reason would not be accepted I kept getting there is error in the file. I even called the company was publishing the audio book to see if they can walk me through getting this file uploaded and they told me just mail in a copy of the CD or the book on CD . But you know my stubborn ass I kept reediting the file and re-saving the file that found out what was wrong.


I finally got all 14 files uploaded today and I should find out within 24 hours if they were fully converted so I can finalize my audio book and have it up for sale by Monday.


As I have been forging onward I will like to hear which are doing to forge onward to achieve your dreams and goals. What steps have you taken today? Were any obstacles in your way? If so how did you overcome them?


I was talking to a old friend today and he kinda complemented me and I appreciate it. we met while I was in one of my endeavors, this was about  wow 8 years ago and now he's seeing that I finished my book. He complimented on how I strive forward no matter what I do. There have been many endeavors that he would of liked to start but still hasn't. I know when his dreams desires and mindset align he will then begin and I will be here to help him succeed.


Forge onward my friends don't let anyone still your thunder and stay positive.





So to have great friends and family

I'm so happy to have great friends and family, you know they've been supporting me from the get go with my book. I know that probably tired of hearing me talk about my book about my websites about my dreams about my goals with this book. But they have been smiling with me and happy and help me every minute through it.


my book finally sold its first copy off my Internet site. I've been getting views from Australia, Costa Rica ,Sri Lanka, Mexico,and the good ole US of A. I'm fighting diligently to try to finish and upload my audio book tonight, I know nothing about audio editors, and were barely know anything of this voice recorder but I did it.


See all it took was the desire, on almost a daily basis I focused and work towards writing the book, publishing the book, turn it into an e-book, and put it up for audio book. This was not an easy task but now I learned how to do it once I'm going to take a week or two off then go back to the drawing board and start my second book.


I have no ability to see who ordered my first book off my website and I would like to sincerely thank you for keeping my dream alive and throwing some more gas on the fire and keep me motivated.


I encourage and urge all of yous to dust off those dreams and make them into reality. Tonight when you go to bed dream and dream big.






Moving on to a new day, today's a new day did you do anything yesterday that help move you towards what your dreams are good and goals are. Like I said before 10% a day towards which are dreams and goals are.


What is it that you told me you wanted to? Did you tell me what is and make $1 million? Get another 10 prospects for real estate? Or going at least one date this month? Well, what did you do yesterday no not even yesterday what are you going to do today to get yourself towards that.


You me I we say talk to everybody and easiest way start. But you do have to start sometime, and why not start today.


I myself am moving forward, I ordered my business cards today and I made changes in the dates to my website. Today I will also be completing my audio book and hopefully that'll be online they also.


Don't forget to goes my homepage and enter your e-mail and submit it if you are gentlemen who would like  to meet us in Costa Rica. Were shooting for a seminar sometime between March and May. For probably made it two or three towns, Manual Antonio, Jaco Beach and San Jose. These are all places that gentleman love to party it. So were hoping to get as much guys there as we can and take the parties to the next level.


Move on with today keep moving forward and keep on keeping on. Today is what you make of it don't let anyone steal your thunder.






Working on my audio cd / what are you working on?

Ok people this is day two of my blog, i have finished my web site and seeing im getting visitors thanks for all who are supporting me.


I have 3 more chapters to add to my audio book, I keep trying to move forward and I hope that you are doing the same in life.


One reason that I wrote this book is to try to help other people I know the book is for gentlemen but the motivational part of it can be for guys or ladies. But there's so much negativity in this world and I want us together collectively moving forward in life staying positive and helping each other strive for better.


When the last time you actually had a daydream in life? Seriously? What is it that you daydreamed about? There had to be something behind that daydream, something that your subliminal mind was telling you. Do you plan on working towards it? I'm not saying that just get up and quit your job but I am saying is your daydream possible for you to achieve and what you have to do to achieve?


Right now my dream is to sell 100,000 books! Yes I did say 100,000 books. This is so completely possible so may people do it in one year. Another gold mine is to write five books, therefore I have four more to go. So I will be subjecting you to more of my boring life LOL.


Things for keeping up with the blog.


Good try video blog next.


Have a great day and don't let anybody steal your thunder today




MOving in the right Direction

Today's post Moving FORWARD in the right direction, ARE YOU? What have you done today to better your life? If nothing yet the day isn't over. Dream of something big!

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